Our company consists of Data Scientists, Doctors, cutting-edge designers and leaders in the entertainment and wellness fields.

We’re a small, international group of passionate individuals committed to changing the way in which we interact with technology.

We believe that by creating beautiful applications with intuitive interfaces which are user-centric, we can change the behaviours of individuals in their daily lives.


Nadeem Kassam


Nadeem is a wellness champion, founder of Basis Science, and the visionary behind BioBeats and our concentration on heart data. He was recently inducted into StartupHealth's inaugural class of Healthcare Transformers. He has spent the better half of the last decade running Zynik Capital, which focuses on start-ups and organizations with high growth potential. He holds a B.A. from Babson College with a focus on entrepreneurship.

Davide Morelli


Davide Morelli leads the BioBeats team. A specialist in the intersection between Artificial Intelligence and music, he previously ran a successful distributed software consultancy (Parser) for ten years. He is also an active composer graduating from the Conservatorio "Pietro Mascagni" Livorno, and his PhD focuses on energy models for algorithms that illuminate correlations.

Dr. David Plans


David leads the BioBeats product vision. His PhD presented evolutionary computation techniques to imitate and question human creativity. He helped build the first European merger for Open Source startups, and is currently helping the UK's National Health Service deploy the first mobile application that lets users self-report in chronic illness. His mission in life is to create media systems that foster wellness.

Kristin Shine MD


As Chief Medical Officer, Kristin leads development of clinical applications for BioBeats technology. Prior to joining BioBeats, Kristin spent five years advising global pharma, consumer and health tech companies. She has a degree in Molecular Biology from Princeton and an MD from Columbia Medical School, and believes the best way to address the looming problems in health care is to give patients and clinicians the tools they need. Her three year old son says he believes this too, and then asks for chocolate.

Travis Lee Street


Travis Lee Street joined BioBeats in May to lead their web development and drive user growth. With a background in marketing and a Bachelor's in Social Science, Travis has worked for award winning agencies and internationally recognized brands, he teaches the Business Education Technology Council qualification in Social Media for Business, is an advisor to the up-and-coming Twitter marketing tool Awedience and runs his own technology and culture website COMEINTOLAND.

Dr. Ifung Lu


As Lead Product Designer and Biomedical Engineer, Ifung plays at the intersection of design, science and technology to create user-centred products that are delightful and compelling. A practitioner of design thinking for the last 15 years, he has created medical devices, educational toys and services for social good. He has Mechanical Engineering degrees from MIT and the Media Lab and a PhD in Medical Physics from UCL.

Gabriele Cocco


Gabriele joined Biobeats as a Designer and Software Engineer. He has a Masters and PhD from the University of Pisa and is focused on developing algorithms and languages for high-performance parallel computing. Gabriele loves speed and efficiency and is inspired by nature which has led to him collaborating with multinational chip makers and software companies like Intel, AMD and Microsoft. He is also an accomplished, award-winning photographer which aids his work as our Graphic Designer.

Michael Sanelli


Michael is a student of computer science at the University of Pisa, where he is specializing in the environment of computer security and has been responsible for developing graphics for various international clients. In addition, he is an expert Android application development and interaction between web-client and home automation modules.

Leonardo Bartoloni


Former physics student at "Scuola Normale" at the University of Pisa, Leonardo is now a PhD student in Computer Science. Before applying for his PhD he tried working for local companies doing OpenGL iOS work, but he couldn't find anything challenging enough. Then we found him and all that changed.

Marco Liuni


Marco Liuni is a specialist in Adaptive audio analysis and synthesis. He is currently part of the Analyse-Synthése group at Institut de Recherche et Coordination Acoustique / Musique (IRCAM) and has designed the core component of the BioBeats audio engine.

Our Advisors and Investors

Deepak Chopra

Scooter Braun

Will Smith

Ken Hertz

Mark Beaven

ENIAC Ventures

James Pallotta

Kevin Colleran

Stillmotion Films

Cantora Records

Zhen Fund

Justin Boreta

The Far East Movement

Sandeep Sood

Ethelbert Williams

Sam Salisbury

Our Angel Round was supported by a range of people in the American entertainment industry and the consumer health and wellness space. As we develop clinical applications for our technology and extend our global reach, our investor base is growing to reflect the evolving shape of the business.