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the guided wellbeing course

BioBase is a wellbeing course which focuses on stress and resilience, designed for companies to deliver to their employees.

BioBase helps you to understand where your stress comes from and teaches you how to cope with, control and reduce it – BioBase helps you to find your baseline, and rise above it.

Everyday tools

Each day you’ll be presented with a set of cards which take you through step-by-step actions. The first card you see, is the first action we suggest you take. Every time you open the app, we will present you with your next step.

BioBase logo
BioBase BioBeam logo
BioBase's first Coaching module card
BioBase's Dashboard displaying Body Stress data
BioBase's Dashboard displaying Mood data

As well as your daily tools, you can navigate specific coaching topics and review your data on your dashboard.

Mood Journal, Body Stress check tool and Mood Dashboard
BioBase app iphoneX activity monitor

Navigate your coaching content

BioBase presents coaching on a different topic each week. Our carefully selected topics cover areas related to reducing stress and leading a life driven by what matters to you.

Once a topic has been unlocked, you can return to audio sessions and exercises as and when you’d like to.

BioBase's Guidance section
BioBase's Module 1 overview
BioBase's Coaching audio interface

My Data — Your Dashboard

As you track, log and measure your stress and it’s symptoms, we collate this information in your dashboard. This gives you a valuable and easy-to-read insight into your stress, habits and symptoms.

Find out if your stress is reducing over time, which days of the week you find most stressful, compare locations, activities and interactions which reduce or increase your stress and check your progress as you move through the course.

BioBase app iphoneX guided wellbeing activity
BioBase app iphoneX biobeam wearable logo

The BioBeam wearable is an additional tool within the BioBase programme, delivered to employees as part of the corporate package.

The BioBeam will continuously and effortlessly track activity and sleep, giving you an even better understanding of your body’s unique response to stress.

BioBase 8-modules course content breakdown

BioBase 8-modules course content breakdown

Week 1:

An introduction to BioBase

Week 2:

You and your thoughts

Week 3:
Switch off

Leave work at work

Week 4:
Time for you

Your time is precious

Week 5:

Use your values and drive to feel happier

Week 6:

Using your goals to feel great

Week 7:
Your values at work

Finding balance in the workplace

Week 8:
Nearly there

The final pieces of your 8-week report

Would you like more information?

Your Mind & Body

At the end of the 8 week course we prepare a personalised Mind and Body report. This gives you a better overview of your progress as well as the findings that have become apparent during your journey.

The aim of this report is to help you to spot patterns, both in your physical behaviour and in your mind, and to give you the encouragement to keep up the good work. Small behaviour changes help to create a life driven by your passions, goals and values.

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