Support your people during COVID-19

People are the heartbeat of your business. Support their mental health with BioBase, our employee wellbeing programme.

An app and wearable that allows your teams to:

BioBase has helped me to understand my stress triggers and techniques to use when I'm feeling overwhelmed. 

- James, Head of Business Development

I love comparing my physical health to my mood. BioBase is always there to remind me when to take some me-time!  

- Lauren, Data Analyst

Now I understand how different areas of my life affect my wellbeing. With BioBase I'm more in control of my mental health.

- Charlie, Account Manager

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How it works

Hand out BioBase

We'll deliver wearable devices to your remote workforce, followed by a registration email containing a magic link to download the BioBase app.


Improve mental health

BioBase allows your people to track their health data, discover mindfulness tools and access personalised digital therapeutics on demand.  



Gain insights

Whether you are a big corporation or small business, you will receive anonymised data on employee wellbeing, allowing you to support your people where they need it most.

See how it works
  • Track their heart, sleep, mood and more
  • Discover meditation and mindfulness tools
  • Access personalised digital therapeutics
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For the next 3 months, your employees can access BioBase, subscription free. 

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