Privacy Policy

What Data does BioBeats collect?

BioBeats may collect or infer the following types of special category information about you:

  • Sleep
  • Activity
  • Heart rate
  • Wellbeing scores
  • Executive function test scores
  • Questionnaire responses
  • Subjective mood logs

The following data is collected but rendered anonymous allowing for it to be used for research purposes. The following anonymised information won’t be deleted:

  • Questionnaire responses
  • Mood declaration
  • Executive function results
  • Breathing exercise results
  • Wearable data (such as steps, breathing and heart rate)
  • Basic profile data (such as age, sex and height)
  • App usage statistics


What else should I know about my Data?

  • Your Data is used to improve, personalise and develop the Services:

We use the information we collect to improve and personalise the Services and to develop new ones. For example, we use the information to troubleshoot and protect against errors; perform data analysis and testing; conduct research and surveys, and develop new features and Services.

  • Your Data is helping others:

BioBeats works closely with scientific health practitioners and universities. The aggregated and anonymised data collected informs ongoing health and mental wellbeing scientific studies. By agreeing to the Privacy Policy you are providing consent for your data to be used in the manner outlined in the Participant Information Sheet.

  • User identification via a universally unique identifier (UUID):

This Application may track Users by storing a so-called universally unique identifier (or short UUID) for analytics purposes or for storing Users’ preferences. This identifier is generated upon installation of this Application, it persists between Application launches and updates, but it is lost when the User deletes the Application. A reinstall generates a new UUID, which means that when you stop using the app or ask for your user to be deleted, you can trust it has been deleted for good.

  • Any disclosed information will be Aggregated and Anonymised:

We may share information that is aggregated or anonymised so that it cannot reasonably be used to identify an individual. We may disclose such information publicly and to third parties, for example, in public reports about exercise and activity, to partners under agreement with us, or as part of the community benchmarking information we provide to users of our subscription services.

If we are involved in a merger, acquisition, or sale of assets, we will continue to take the same strict measures to protect the confidentiality of personal information and give affected users notice before transferring any personal information to a new entity.

  • You can withdraw your consent at any time, but you will lose access to the app and Service:

If you wish to withdraw your consent you may do by contacting us at Please be aware that not providing this consent or subsequently withdrawing it will mean that your account will be deleted and you will no longer have access to the Services.

Read our full Privacy Policy here.