BioBeats takes data security very seriously. We know it is important for you to know how your data is collected, used and processed.

To be crystal clear:

  • You are in control of your data.
  • Your employer will never have access to your personal data.

To change wellbeing in the workplace, BioBeats believes that the pressure should not be exclusively on you to become more resilient when faced with stress. The responsibility should also be placed on your employer to create suitable work environments for you to work at your best.

It is for this reason that relevant data from the BioBase and BioBeats is aggregated (collected together) into anonymous (no names, email addresses or identifiable information) groups of at least 50 individuals and reported to select members of the project team working with BioBeats in order to inform wellbeing policies and procedures.

BioBeats also works closely with scientific health practitioners and universities. The aggregated and anonymised data collected informs ongoing health and mental wellbeing scientific studies.

If you wish to withdraw your consent you may do so at any time by contacting us at privacy@biobeats.comIf you have further questions regarding our privacy practices, email us at