Ah mindfulness – that buzzword that everyone is talking about! But the question on everybody’s lips is… does mindfulness work?

When we ask the question, ‘does mindfulness work?’ what we really mean is, can mindfulness help to reduce life’s everyday stresses.

Although mindfulness is difficult it can be mastered one small change at a time, especially if you have a way to track your progress.

Much like improving your physical health through yoga, running, or any other exercise, becoming more mindful takes time and practice. Using mindfulness to manage your stress isn’t easy because as we all know, finding the time in your daily schedule is hard. For mindfulness to truly work it has to become a part of your daily routine and life, turning it into an ingrained habit.

BioBase hopes to help you to master these techniques by giving you immediate feedback (from your body and heart patterns) to guide and help you see your progress, one small change at a time.