We don’t want you to carry extra chargers, or remember to pack a particular adapter, so any USB port will do to charge your BioBeam.

Here are a few steps to charging your BioBeam:

  • Looking at the back of the display on your band, locate ‘USB’ and the arrow symbols.
  • Press the strap button nearest, ensuring you apply pressure to the indent, and pull the strap off – this can be tricky the first couple of times.
  • Use the BioBeam adaptor to charge your band. This can be found in the box you received the BioBeam in.
  • Plug the charger into a USB port and insert the ‘USB’ side of the BioBeam unit into the charger box. This is the connection with two metal strips on it.
  • You will know if it is connected if the charging symbol is on the BioBeam screen.

It will only take an hour to charge and you’re ready to go again!