BioBase is a guided course that helps you to understand where your stress comes from and teaches you how to cope with, control and reduce it — BioBase helps you to find your baseline, and rise above it.

BioBase works with your BioBeam wearable to track and measure different aspects of your wellbeing. The next step is to download the app — you can do this whether you’ve received your BioBeam wearable or not.

Setting up your BioBase with BioBeam:

1 · Remove your BioBeam from the packaging. Be sure to remove the charging cable and pairing instructions before discarding!

2 · Looking at the back of your wearable, locate ‘USB’ and the arrow symbols. Press the strap button, ensuring you apply pressure to the indent – this can be tricky the first couple of times so don’t panic!

3 · Use the BioBeam adaptor to charge your band. Simply plug the charger into a USB port and then insert the ‘USB’ side of the BioBeam unit into the charger box. Ensure you’ve got it right by checking the charging symbol is on the BioBeam screen.

4 · Now open BioBase on your app. Log in or sign up if it’s the first time you’ve opened it. In the top left hand corner you will see this menu icon. Tap it and then tap ‘My BioBeam’. Now tap ‘Add my BioBeam’.

5 · You will now be able to scan the QR code on your BioBeam box by holding the camera on your phone over the box. If this doesn’t work you can manually enter the code which sits under your barcode and your QR code on the box. If you don’t have your box, you can find your code by removing the opposite strap to the charging strap.

6 · Follow the instructions in app. Once you have paired you will need to tap ‘Update’ as this will ensure you can connect to the correct BioBase version. If you get stuck you can contact us on