At BioBeats, our team of researchers are focused on creating evidence-based products to improve your wellbeing.

One of the most prominent areas of research is Interoception. Interoception is the lesser known sense that defines our mind-body connection. For example, being able to acknowledge bodily sensations such as hunger, thirst and heartbeat.

Over time, our culture, technology and medicine have progressively made us into poor interoceptors. Whilst this can lead to negative consequences such as poor decision making and a lack of empathy, disrupted interoception is also understood to play an important role in mental health conditions including anxiety and mood disorders, eating disorders and addiction.

BioBeats works at improving interoception to help you to build an understanding of your body-mind connection to improve wellbeing. Good interoception allows you to read, understand and respond to other individuals more effectively, whether this be with friends, family, colleagues or clients you will be able to build better social connections and support which is key to building wellbeing and resilience.

The second focus area for our research team is the Computational Model of Stress. Stress impacts our ability to function in many different ways, for example, the strain in our bodies, the ability to think clearly and our thoughts around our ability to cope. Therefore, BioBeats has built a model to specifically measure the effects of stress on the physiological (Body), neuropsychological (Brain) and psychological (Mind) level. This is known as the ‘computational model’ and is used to predict your wellbeing score – through understanding the current impact of stress on your wellbeing.