Your wellbeing score is live feedback on your current wellbeing data collected by the BioBase app and the BioBeam wearable. The more data you input, the more accurate your score will be in reflecting your current physiological (body), neuropsychological (brain) and psychological (mind) wellbeing.

This score was designed to help you check in with your mind-body connection. Understanding what messages your body is sending that you might not be aware of. The ultimate aim is that you will be able to understand your own wellbeing score internally, being aware of your current levels of wellbeing and how you need to act accordingly.

For example, a low wellbeing score may suggest your decision making (neuropsychological) abilities might be affected, or that you may need to take some time to rest (physiological) and ask others for some extra help. Alternatively, a high wellbeing score suggests you may be able to take on a challenge that could be initially stressful, but you have the current resources to overcome this.

Your wellbeing score also personalises your experience on BioBase. The score is linked to content and tools that are suggested to you based on your current needs.

Think of the wellbeing score as training wheels. Showing you what signals your body, brain and mind are currently giving off and making you more aware you about your current wellbeing and how it is impacting your body, brain and mind. Over time, by inputting your data and completing course content you will become more aware of these signals and what you need to do when they show up.