Going into an important meeting? Feeling trapped on a crowded commute? Experiencing overwhelm? Whatever the reason for your stress or anxiety, pick up BioBase.

A lot of people ask us “what time of day is the best to do a Deep Breathing exercise?” or “when should I use BioBase?” and the truth is… whenever you need to!

There are no set rules for when to use BioBase, especially when it comes to Deep Breathing exercises, the key is knowing when your body could benefit from it the most and that building up your data will help you to understand yourself better.

See when some of our team use BioBase…
“I find that doing a deep breathing exercise before bed can help me to fall into a deep sleep much easier”

“If I’m heading into a meeting and I feel stressed about it, I pick up BioBase and do a stress check before and about 30 minutes after. That way I can see in my data whether the way I felt psychologically matched the way my body responded to the situation.”

“When my mind starts to wander and I can’t concentrate on the task ahead, breathing with BioBase helps me to take that needed screen break, breathe and refocus.”