Still feeling stressed after a Deep Breathing exercise? Here’s a few reasons why that may be…

We mention this quite a few times in our knowledge base but it’s quite a key thing to note that perfecting the Deep Breathing technique, like most learned behaviours, takes practice!

If you haven’t mastered the technique just yet, you may not feel the immediate benefits of Deep Breathing. Not to worry, we already have an article to help you improve. Have a read try again and see if it helps 🙂

Take a look – What is deep breathing and how do I do it?

You didn’t give the exercise your full attention

Life is full of distraction and if we’re not careful even taking 3 minutes out of your schedule for a Deep Breathing exercise can easily be interrupted.

When you do your Deep Breathing exercise, try to go somewhere or do something that means you won’t be distracted. We know this is easier than it sounds, but if you can zone everything else out for 3 minutes, you may find the exercise works a lot better for you and you feel less stressed afterwards.

If you haven’t already we REALLY recommended plugging in your headphones. Don’t forget the music is tailored by the reading we take from your finger, so it really is an immersive experience.

The effects may not show for around 30 minutes after the exercise

If you’re not seeing the affect of the Deep Breathing exercise immediately on your body through our stress checks, try waiting for 30 minutes to see if your stress level decreased.

Everyone is different. What affects one person immediately may take another person much longer to recognise!