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    BioBeats’ machine learning platform delivers biometric insight about the wellbeing of individuals, employees and patients in real-time, and helps them action that insight through engaging media.

BioBeats Solutions

Machine Learning API and SDK powers user engagement to measure biometrics and manage stress and wellness.

Dashboard & Mobile Applications

Evidence–based, engaging mobile technology built on top of consumer grade smartphones and wearables, helping our clients quantify the wellbeing of their employees and patients.


Machine learning and synthesis of aggregated biometric data allows us to deliver insight in real-time to our clients.

Consumer, Corporate Wellness & Hospital Solutions

Our entertaining and adaptive applications help us lower costs of care, prevent re-hospitalisations, absenteeism, presenteeism and medical complications.

BioBeats Solutions

Data points

The BioBeats data platform pulls in HRV/GSR/Accel from various wearable devices and applies machine learning, to offer real-time insight.

Tailored health and wellness

Health and workplace performance coaching tailored to the user.

Subscription based

Corporate and consumer propositions for dashboard-based insight into biometric performance targets. Real-time risk analysis.

Insights everywhere

Users can see their real-time insights from their web dashboard or mobile app. 27/4 data at your fingertips.

Mood and HRV tracking

Hear and Now is a mindful breathing app that measures your heartbeat for iOS and Android. Data is synced with the BioBeats dashboard.

Activity Tracking

Get On Up is an activity tracker that plays music at your pace. Unlock rewards and move more with music. Data is synced with the BioBeats dashboard.