2 in 5 people experience poor mental health due to work. BioBase is a new, employee wellbeing programme for predictive and preventative mental health support.

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Find your baseline

When it comes to our mental health, it’s not easy to know what’s going on inside our bodies, or what’s causing us to feel the way we do.

BioBase offers a new approach to mental health support. Through an app and wearable device, your health data, such as heart rate, sleep patterns, activity and mood, are collected in real-time. This allows BioBase to calculate your baseline wellbeing score and provide personalised support.


A personal journey to feeling better

BioBase will recommend relevant tools to help employees feel better, such as evidence-based therapies within the app, known as digital therapeutics and forms of biofeedback therapy, such as deep breathing exercises and mindful meditation.

Throughout the day BioBase follows your health data and notifies you when something doesn’t look right, perhaps his heart rate is above average.


From surviving to thriving

Within a few days, employee wellbeing will significantly improve and your people will begin to feel more in control of their mental health, perform better and take fewer sick days!

BioBase helps people become more aware of how daily behaviours, interactions and environment impact their minds and bodies.
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Get insights you can’t find anywhere else

The BioBase Employer Dashboard gives you access to aggregated and anonymised data on the health of your workforce, enabling you to understand the crucial relationship between wellbeing and absence.

No more guessing, no more surveys. Accurately measure employee wellbeing and take a proactive approach to deliver targeted interventions.

Calculate your absence costs

Poor mental wellbeing is costing UK employers up to £42 billion a year. Find out how much ill-mental health is costing your business.



BioBase has helped me to understand my stress triggers and techniques to use when I'm feeling overwhelmed. 

- James, Head of Business Development

I love comparing my physical health to my mood. BioBase is always there to remind me when to take some me-time! 

- Lauren, Data Analyst

Now I understand how different areas of my life affect my wellbeing. With BioBase I'm more in control of my mental health.

- Charlie, Account Manager

Preventative and personal.
See your workforce thrive.

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